This post is contributed by 安娜·希基, who I recently met during a course at the Australian Writers Centre. She wanted to let Bushwalking Blog readers know about Walk 4 Stroke so I asked her to write a post for me, since I’m busy with the whole house moving thing right now.


Anna loves to write, keep healthy and create new recipes, and is passionate about helping others. She works for the National Stroke Foundation as a Public Relations Coordinator and is also a freelance writer. Anna is an explorer who likes to try new things… particularly if they involve travel.


Every year a small group of community members embark on a three day walking adventure along the Great Ocean Road as a means to fundraise for the National Stroke Foundation. People who participate in Walk 4 Stroke say that it is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with nature and re-calibrate from the business of life – all while supporting an important health cause.

The National Stroke Foundation would like to invite people to join us on the 2012 three day Walk 4 Stroke adventure on the weekend of 18th – 20th October.

2012年Walk 4 Stroke Group踏上了为期三天的旅程
2012年Walk 4 Stroke Group踏上了为期三天的旅程



The three day guided tour involves lots of walking amongst Victoria’s coastal mixed terrain with the backdrop of the beautiful Great Southern Ocean by your side.


The Great Ocean Walk extends from Apollo Bay through the Great Otway National Park to the famous Twelve Apostles, so every day of the walk is different. Think deserted beaches, sheer cliffs, historical lighthouses and shipwrecks, giant mountain ash forests, pristine river estuaries, abundant wildlife, waterfalls, dunes and coastal heartlands. Think oodles of natural beauty!

Participants have a home base for evening rest, with cosy accommodation and the opportunity to taste delightful produce from regional Victoria… and bush tucker. We aren’t talking damper here, we mean real food from the land and even sourced from rock pools.


We find that most Walk 4 Stroke participants have been touched by stroke in some way, whether it is themselves 要么 their mother, cousin 要么 uncle. If you think that one in six people are likely to have a stroke in their life you can see why this is the case.

Walk 4 Stroke对所有健康水平的人开放。





考拉妈妈& joey
考拉妈妈& joey


Past participants from all over Australia share their most memorable moments from Walk 4 Stroke…

“During the walk it was so beneficial and healing to hear that other people were going through similar situations and it was amazing weekend with lifelong friends made.” –维多利亚山姆

“For me the highlight of the trip was seeing such a beautiful and unique part of Australia up close. I had driven along the Great Ocean Road before, but nothing compares to the sights you see when you immerse yourself in the natural beauty up close. At one point our group was so close to a wild Koala and her tiny little baby that we could have reached out and touched them.” –昆士兰州萨拉

“The highlight of the journey was the experience of walking along a beautiful path with people who understand the sheer impact that stroke has on people’s lives. It was touching to hear individual experiences with stroke and learn from each other.” –南澳大利亚凯利





日期: 2013年10月18日至20日。
筹款目标和费用: 1,500美元(用于旅行的890美元,向美国国家中风基金会的捐款至少610美元)。

存款: 预订时为300美元(包括在1,500美元中)
行程时间: 3天。
体力活动: 步行。
挑战等级: 低–适合所有年龄段和健身水平。


  • 标准双人房住宿2晚
  • 所有餐点
  • 来自墨尔本的所有接送和返程运输
  • 步行期间茶点停止
  • 经验丰富的步行指南
  • 奥特韦角灯塔之旅
  • 司机&整车支援
  • 步行地图和指南
  • 网上旅行照片库下载

访问Stroke Foundation网站以预订您在2013 Walk 4 Stroke中的位置


Interested in taking part in this years Walk 4 Stroke? Or have anything at all to say about the event? Please let us know by commenting below.

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