One of the best and worst things about any adventure is the unpredictability.

But have you ever thought someone might actually be up there, in complete control of how things pan out?

Tegan Phillips, an adventurer and cartoonist from Cape Town (South Africa), puts forward one theory in an episode of her Unclipped Adventure webcomic series, titled Introduction to the Ministry of Adventure. Scroll down to have a read. More on Tegan and my best picks from her comic series below.

Tegan has a few notable adventures under her belt. In 2015 she set off on a “family holiday”, cycle touring from Cape Town to Kenya. Yep, that’s about 11,000 freaking kilometres if you were wondering. More recently she completed 2,262-kilometres circumnavigating New Zealand’s south island by swimming, riding and running. That’s the equivalent of 10 full Ironman triathlons. She called it The New Zealand Epic (website no longer active), which is pretty apt.

Tegan has the adventure credentials, so it’s pretty impressive that she’s also an excellent cartoonist. If you loved the one above, you’ll want to read this one – How to make a deal with your Adventure Potatoes.

Some of my other favourites you should check out are 7 Things you always pack for an adventure, Are you ready for an adventure?How adventurers see the world.

There’s plenty more where that came from, too. The Unclipped Adventures webcomic is split into sections – Adventure comics are here 和漫画 just about Tegan’s adventures are here. You can thank me later.

Got any other favourite adventure or travel related comics? Any comments or corrections? Let us know in the comments section below.

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