Mud, tamarind monkeys, turtles, capybara, long-nosed bats, all kinds of birds, a snake, army ants, leaf-cutter ants, butterflies, squirrels, black caiman, and a tour guide named Elvis.

That’s the quickest way to sum up the two days we spent hiking the 坦波帕塔-坎达莫国家保护区, in the Peruvian Amazon Basin.

Staying at the Libertador Tambopata Eco-Lodge, we were limited by the programs they offered to visitors, but these didn’t disappoint. My only regret was that we didn’t spend more time there.

Each day’s hiking took us to a different ox-bow lake and, as I’ve mentioned, gave us a brilliant overview of the area’s flora and fauna. Our guide, Elvis, was a very entertaining local character with an infectious laugh. He knew everything about the area and was excited to share his knowledge.

Aside from the two day-hikes, we were also treated to a night walk to spotlight for nocturnal wildlife. Had we stayed an extra day 要么 two, we could have gone swimming in the caiman-infested waters near the lodge (for some reason this idea excites me), and explored a whole lot more hiking trails un-guided.

Note: This is the combination of two posts from back in 2009, republished as a photo essay. Information in the aforementioned posts was mostly out of date, poorly written, and pretty much useless. I decided I’d like to keep the photos, since they were probably the highlight. I hope you enjoy.



Each of the two day hikes during our stay was reached via an early-morning boat ride on the Tambopata River.



切叶蚁 were everywhere in the jungle. They’令人着迷的生物。



Some of the trees in The Amazon have trunks covered in massive spikes. Being the super-coordinated person that I am, it was no time before I had a very close encounter with one of them.



Fortunately this was as close as we came to any snakes during our jungle adventure. Unfortunately, this was the best photo I could get (and I didn’t catch what type of snake it was).



Our first day’s hike took us to Lake Condenado, where the guide took us out on a very well-used banana boat (which he is emptying of water in this picture). We floated around, soaking up the jungle atmosphere and hearing about the different wildlife around the ox-bow lake.









We were made to wear gumboots for both of our hikes. This was extremely uncomfortable but, as you can see, it was necessary.



We encountered a lot of army ants during our hikes, which didn’t go down very well with some of the less brave members of our tour-group.



We came across some amazing and very different flora during our visit. However, some of it actually looked very familiar. Our guide said this is a relative of the bird of paradise flower.



A stink bird (they do have another name but, funnily enough, this was the name that stuck in my mind) at Lake Sachavacayok.



The butterflies in The Amazon were amazing. I’ve never seen so many different colours, shapes, and patterns.



坦波帕塔河两岸的水豚. This is one of my favourite animals from the jungle trip.


徒步旅行时间& Distances: 11 km / 6 hrs and 6 km / 5 hrs (times included guided stops, food breaks, and boat / barge rides on each of the lakes)
等级: 简单
地区: 秘鲁亚马逊盆地马德雷德迪奥斯地区
公园: 坦波帕塔-坎达莫国家保护区
最近城市: 马尔多纳多港
到达那里: We flew to 马尔多纳多港 from Cuzco, but I’m sure you can fly there from other places (such as Lima). We booked in to a 3-day program with Libertador Tambopata Eco-Lodge. Both hikes were part of the accommodation package. The lodges in the area, and programs the offer, have probably changed over time.


Have you visited the Peruvian Amazon Basin? If you have any stories, updates 要么 corrections, please let us know by commenting below.

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