气候变化。还有什么要说的?对于仍在印象中的任何人,都存在某种辩论(通过阅读可以轻松实现的信念 澳大利亚人)美国宇航局报告说,有97%的气候科学家都同意–是造成地球出汗的人。但是话又说回来,为什么要信任NASA?没有他们的自私自利的绿色阴谋,他们所有模糊的头脑的扁豆咀嚼天体物理学家将失业。

Same goes for The American Chemical Society, the International Monetary Fund and The World Bank, advocating their whimsical carbon abatement waffle. And The International Energy Agency (hippies) who reckon we’re on track for a 6 degrees saucing. And what about those (former) climate change deniers like Richard Muller and Bjorn Lomborg? Clearly their meticulous investigations into CO2 have asphyxiated their brains and now they’re sucked in by Santa Change too. But not this guy:




这个人被称为蒙克顿勋爵(Lord Monckton)(因为他告诉我们他的名字叫他),他对气候变化不服气。具有讽刺意味的是,上议院不相信克里斯托弗·蒙克顿是一位阁下,主要是因为他不是。克里斯托弗不同意。因此,众议院已公开 它的要求 他停止并声称自己是国会上议院议员。

But I digress. We’re talking about a serious debate, right? I mean even our leader, our beacon, our Prime Minister doesn’t believe in science… I mean climate change. He does believe in climate change? Oh yeah, he does now (brain delete “the climate change argument is absolute crap”), he just doesn’t think it has an impact? Or that we should talk about it during bush fires? Or take any action?

不,不,他有一个直接行动计划,其中充满了行动,因此在标题中加上了“行动”一词。只有少数人认为该计划没有那么好,例如接受澳大利亚顶尖大学采访的35名经济学家中的33名(野蛮人) 费尔法克斯。昆士兰大学昆士兰分校教授保罗·弗里杰特(Paul Frijter)确实认为该计划是好的两位经济学家之一,他不会将其描述为 直接行动 但是简单地 没有行动.


尽管保罗发表了无用的评论,但让我们相信托尼,相信他会认真对待气候变化(删除莫里斯的任命书) 气候变化神话 Newman as chief business council adviser), is concerned about the impacts already taking place (brain delete “complete hogwash” and “talking through her hat”), and is right now implementing effective strategies to mitigate future impacts (brain delete the abolition of the ministry of science, the ministry of climate change and Climate Commission, CSIRO sackings, the push to dismantle the Climate Change Authority, Carbon Pricing Mechanism and Clean Energy Finance Corporation. And the imminent demise of federal environment legislation. And the failure of any senior minister to make it to this week’s global climate talks. And the whole coal industry subsidisation and expansion thing. And the defunding of the renewable energy sector). Ummmm.

The most pertinent question that springs to mind when considering the climate change debate is none of the following: Is the climate changing? Is it because of carbon? Is it because of people? How much of it is because of people? Is it really that bad? Who’s responsible to do something? What’s the best way to fix it?



诚实地谈论气候变化影响的人之所以被称为“危言耸听”,是因为这个话题确实令人震惊-无法掩盖全球性的灾难。事情看起来糟透了,他们打算 变得更糟。真的,事情是 已经更糟 适用于世界各地的许多人。我们在很多年前就知道这一点,而且这种认识还在不断积累。那么,为什么我们仍然表现得像被蒙蔽了一样?忘记采取果断行动,我们仍然害怕使用果断语言。现在该说出来了。

11月17日(星期日),澳大利亚全国60,000人呼吁采取更多行动应对气候变化。再次。蒂姆·弗兰纳里(Tim Flannery)在墨尔本告诉30,000,澳大利亚人必须发表自己的声音。



So let’s cut out the middle man because he’s clearly taking the piss. Can we please stop asking our politicians for action on climate change and just say it like it is – we’re not deranged, we can see that the Emperor is a twit, wilfully choosing actions that are killing life and positioning the planet more precisely on the tracks to hell.

350.org is an international 要么ganisation whose 要么iginal goal was to ensure we kept the concentration of carbon in our atmosphere below 350 parts per million – a level deemed the safe upper limit by many scientists. We’re now around 400. 350.org don’t talk about climate change, they talk about climate crisis. They think companies that have a long-term plan to stick to fossil fuel extraction are criminal and treat their behaviour as such.

While important environment 要么ganisations in Australia focus on lobbying government just enough to maintain cooperation towards inadequate attempts at reaching inadequate goals, 350.org are demanding that the fossil fuel industry immediately stop exploring for new hydrocarbons, stop lobbying to preserve their tax breaks and pledge to keep 80% of current reserves underground forever.



在澳大利亚的五个州/地区中,有350.org的集体,他们的大学告诫他们用肮脏的煤炭结束金融奸淫。也有许多澳大利亚出生的群体也采用了“空白点”方法。在墨尔本, 退出煤炭 在真正意义上采取直接行动,将煤炭的终结从我们的梦想中带入我们的生活。浪潮将来自东海岸的数百人聚集在一起,以阻止该国最大的新城堡煤炭港口的出口。 超越零排放 已经制定了一项成本全面的过渡计划,以使澳大利亚在十年内实现零排放。 气候代码红色 继续恳求对这种紧急情况做出适当紧急响应。

The time for debating and convincing is well past. Lord Monckton and Lord Abbott are not going to change their minds. The people with the power to abate this life threatening catastrophe, who instead are doing the exact opposite, should be spoken to and of like the wanton destroyers they are – above all those who are profiting from our demise.

We’ve done denial, debating, and dancing around; we’ve done the limbo and the hot shoe shuffle. We’ve done polite, encouraging and lifestyle change, we’ve tried not to be too scary and say no worries. And the results are truly terrifying. People care less about climate change now than they did ten years ago.

正如可怕(成功)的史蒂夫·布塞米(Steve Buscemi)所说 世界末日,现在该拥抱恐怖了。那个碳水平图–您实际上看过了吗?它的形状不像曲棍球棒,人们,它的形状像大镰刀。因此,请紧紧拥抱恐惧,让它将您带到令人惊叹的新地方,甚至可能改变世界。





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